SMART Carpet Describes the Advantages of At-home Shopping

SMART Carpet has developed a simple and effective system of home-based shopping for carpet and flooring. At SMART Carpet, house calls and personalized service are alive and well. SMART Carpet maintains a fleet of service professionals that visit their customers’ homes.

The SMART Carpet team customizes the carpet buying process to each customer’s unique home and needs. SMART Carpet’s experience has proven that customers are more satisfied with purchases they make in their own homes. Being able to evaluate and compare carpet and flooring samples at home, says SMART Carpet, gives customers the opportunity to pre-visualize all of their choices before making a final selection.

Once clients have chosen their flooring package, SMART Carpet professionals perform a first-rate installation, including the use of high quality padding. The SMART Carpet team even moves furniture to streamline the flooring process as much as possible. SMART Carpet is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Many customers and readers ask SMART Carpet about the pros and cons of the different types of flooring materials available on the market. With so many flooring choices, the experts at SMART Carpet know that it is not always easy to decide which material is the best for a customer’s home. Is it better to go with the natural, value-adding beauty of hardwood floors? Hardwood is a popular choice, says SMART Carpet, but is not necessarily the right material for everyone.

According to SMART Carpet, many customers prefer the comfort and color selection of quality stain resistant carpeting. Other homeowners, adds SMART Carpet, opt for the laminate flooring, which gives the beauty of wood or slate, but is more affordable and requires less maintenance. SMART Carpet says that technological advances in manufacturing procedures have greatly increased the visual appeal and durability of laminate flooring. These days, adds SMART Carpet, there are laminate flooring materials that are nearly indistinguishable from wood and tile.

Regardless of what material customers ultimately choose, SMART Carpet is there to make the process as pleasant and efficient as possible. SMART Carpet and Flooring’s shop-at-home business model is not just convenient for the customer. It also ensures that SMART Carpet is able to provide the best quality and pricing for each and every client they serve.

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SMART Carpet Learns from the Past and Looks Toward the Future

With over 65 million square feet of flooring sold and more than 100,000 satisfied customers, SMART Carpet has taken a lesson from history and it has propelled the company into extraordinary growth.

Manasquan, New Jersey – August 14, 2010 – There is much to learn from the past and no one knows that better than SMART Carpet. From the SMART Carpet head quarters in central New Jersey, Chief Executive Officer Brendan Phillips took a step back and looked into the past. That allowed him to take many steps forward, and the race has just begun.

Back in 1899, Sears & Roebuck printed their first catalog and the concept of a consumer shopping somewhere other than a bricks and mortar store was born in North America. That was 96 years before SMART Carpet met their first customer. With that said, many people are still not familiar with the benefits of shopping at home. SMART Carpet and Flooring began operating in 1995 as a local Shop at Home floor covering service providing floor covering to Monmouth and Ocean counties in New Jersey.

Customers are now able to choose from thousands of floor covering options without ever leaving the convenience of their home. Additionally, SMART Carpet has solved one of the most basic issues when shopping for floor coverings, and that is how might it look at home. SMART Carpet allows its customers to set a time that is convenient to meet in the home with a trained professional and discuss measuring, layout, padding and installation. One hundred years after the first at home direct sale was made, SMART Carpet sets the pace for convenience, speed and quality.

SMART Carpet & Flooring offers a complete line of name brand flooring products for carpet, wood, vinyl, laminate and tile. With brands such as Smart Strand, Stainmaster, Mohawk, Armstrong, Shaw and Bruce SMART Carpet offers name brand products while allowing its customers to benefit from direct to consumer pricing. By operating as a “Mill Direct” service, SMART Carpet customers may benefit from discounts up to 50% or more.

By providing a shopping experience in a customer’s home, not only can buyers have a detailed discussion about floor coverings but SMART Carpet goes one step further. SMART Carpet provides free premium padding with each carpet purchase. SMART Carpet also provides free furniture moving, one of the biggest issues when installing new floor coverings. SMART Carpet also covers standard box stairs for free. This alone can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars. When you combine the price, convenience and expanded services it is easy to see why SMART Carpet has learned from the past, applied it to today’s business practices and is charting a course of continued growth.

SMART Carpet may be reached by calling 1-800-526-RUGS (7847) or by visiting

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